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About Strik3

Hi, I'm Danielle. I founded Strik3 in 2016 because there was a gap which needed to be bridged between entry-level STEM PhD's and non-academic jobs.

Often, STEM PhD's aren't sure where to start when job searching after graduate school or post-doctoral fellowships. 

Furthermore, not all understand that, as PhD's, we have valuable translatable skills which can be marketed and should be used beyond the bench.

Strik3 aims to help STEM PhD's realize their full potential through skill-based job matching and to strike a match with the awesome careers they deserve. 

After I received my PhD in Bioengineering from the University of Pittsburgh, I worked at a large executive search firm in New York City where I helped to identify and retain talent for Venture Capitalist-backed Biotechnology companies. I've also worked at a small start-up company helping entry-level STEM PhD's find jobs based on their skills. Once that small start-up was acquired, I decided to continue to pursue the mission and founded Strik3 in 2016.

Since then, Strik3 has given professional development seminars and workshops across the country at several Universities and scientific conferences on resume building and how to break into the biotech industry.

Additionally, Strik3 provides resume and LinkedIn makeovers and interview prep services. See our Services page for more information.

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